Deep Embossed WPC Decking

ECO Deep Embossed WPC Decking can replace traditional wooden and other decking to be long-time used in outdoor, port, dock, seaside, wetlands, water platform, park roads, and many other landscaping and municipal projects. We have different color can be option,We can customize different colors and sizes according to customer requirements


Seven Trust Deep Embossed WPC decking is a kind of new technology outdoor decking product.

The main technology is the deep embossed process during production.

After the extruding process and before the cooling process, we add this deep embossed process with heat-pressing method, which makes the decking look like wood surface and strengthen the durability of the decking.

Advantages Of The Deep Embossed WPC Decking:

1.All the advantages of traditional WPC decking are still kept: waterproof, anti-UV, weather resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-termites, temperature resistant, longer life span, etc.

2.More wooden-like surface

3.More anti-slippery

4.Scratch free

5.Less fading

6.More load-bearing

7.Cheaper but stronger than co-extrusion decking

8.No crackling

9.Longer life span:life more than 25 years

  • STD-140H23
  • STD-140H25
  • STD-140S23
  • STD-145H21
  • STD-150H25

1. Before installing the joist, make sure the ground is flat and solid so that the joist can be fastened tightly on the ground. Then dig holes with percussion drill in the deck area and bury the plastic tube into the holes.

2. Take the buried expansion tube as center, put the joist stably on the center line, pierce the joist with pistol drill and nail the screw into the expansion tube.

3. Nail the expansion screw into the top of the vertical joint of two joists.

4. Put flat the deck along the vertical direction of joists, the ending deck can be fixed on the joist with screw to make sure the accuracy of it being the base floor for other decks.

5. Install clips on the other side of the first deck, and start installing decks in order.

6. Install 2 joists in the longitudinal joint of two decks.

7. To avoid possible deformation caused by temperature change, joists can not be tied too closely.

8. Outside the last deck, use the same installation method as that of the first deck, install edge seal and terminal sealing board.